Better sleep in sight.

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    The perfect sleeping aid.

    We use three proven effective methods to make people relax and fall asleep faster. Internal orange pulsing lights to promote mindfulness via deep breathing practice.

    Embedded premium speakers to deliver the surround-sound effect, feeling like you are in the present of a relaxing and natural environment.

    Vocal hypnosis therapy, a professional instructor guides you to relax your body and mind.

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  • NEW

    Mindfulness & meditation.

    Dreamlight sleep mask comes in handy when you meditate. You are in your own peaceful island when you put on Dreamlight.

    Thanks to our 3D facial mapping technology, we have created you a perfect mask that fits on different face shapes with no light leakage.

    Not only that, with pre-programmed internal orange lighting, and meditative music playing, you can have your meditation session anywhere anytime you want.

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Better sleep in sight with Dreamlight.

With the Dreamlight App you can analyze and improve your sleep patterns with a personalized interface that's optimized for you.

Simply connect your Dreamlight Pro mask via Bluetooth to configure and customize your device with ease.

Link your genetic data for even more in-depth results.